Schneider Electric Accelerates IT Channel Decarbonization with Zeigo Activate

Schneider Electric Accelerates IT Channel Decarbonization with Zeigo Activate

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Schneider Electric Accelerates IT Channel Decarbonization with Zeigo Activate

Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, has introduced Zeigo Activate a newsubscription-based software as a service (SaaS) solution for Channel Partners, designed to help them accelerate climate action. Partners can utilize Zeigo Activate to calculate, measure and analyzecarbon emissions, then set accurate, achievable decarbonization goals and build a tailored strategy to improve sustainability.

Today Schneider Electric has also been named a Champion in the first edition of Canalys Sustainable Ecosystems Leadership Matrix, primarily for its achievements in driving sustainability across the partner ecosystem and throughout its organization. Schneider Electric was awarded Champion status for its position as a leading vendor in sustainability and ESG, its diverse portfolio of sustainability and energy solutions, and its training, expertise, and support for partners seeking to build and developdecarbonization strategies.



Accelerating Channel Decarbonization

Zeigo Activate is a subscription-based SaaS solution for small-and medium-sized partners. Intuitive, standardized and easily scalable, it enables partners to calculate and track energy-related emissions, to set a customized implementation roadmap to minimize environmental impact, and connect to solution providers specializing in energy efficiency and renewables.

With regulatory changes sweeping across industries globally, sustainability is at the forefront. ZeigoActivate allows simplified data collection to help partners build their energy consumption profile and track their carbon emissions baseline progress, which results in them being able to follow their roadmap to decarbonize. This guided-journey simplicity is key for an SME partner experience who have time pressures on using complex software and limited sustainability expertise. This ensures decarbonization is not a barrier anymore as a personalized roadmap of actions is designed to reduce their emissions, such as energy efficiency projects and renewable energy opportunities. Then partners can connect directly with reputable vendors for the competencies that the project requires and start implementing their customized roadmap seeing estimated costs, savings, and return on investment. 

Zeigo Activate joins two of Schneider Electric’s digital sustainability solutions and services, designed to meet the carbon reduction needs of businesses of any size or scale. They include Zeigo Power, which allows European users to digitally tender renewable energy Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), and Zeigo Network, which connects like-minded companies on the journey to decarbonization and has more than 600 corporate members globally.

“Channel businesses continue to face a host of energy and sustainability challenges, but despite a turbulent macroeconomic environment, ESG, energy efficiency and ecosystem decarbonization remain key areas of focus for partners,” said David Terry, VP, IT Channels, Schneider Electric, Europe. “Through Zeigo, partners can access a suite of world-class SaaS tools and identify specialist businesses that helps them reduce energy consumption, emissions, and costs, as well as strategic processes to accelerate business’ sustainability journeys.”



Champions for Channel sustainability

Schneider Electric has also been crowned a Champion in the first edition of Canalys’ Sustainable Ecosystems Leadership Matrix for demonstrating the highest levels of excellence through its commitments to sustainability in the channel, compared with industry peers. Key assessment criteria included sustainability leadership, corporate sustainability strategies, transparency on data, progress and transformation, and channel partner sentiment.


Schneider Electric was named a champion for its efforts to decarbonize operations at a corporate level, the growth of its sustainability solutions portfolio, and its tools to help customers and partnerstrack and reduce carbon emissions and optimize energy usage. Further, in the last year, the companyhas responded to energy crises by focusing on energy efficiency, assisting partners by providing support in developing energy assessments and audits for customers, and initiatives such as its new mySchneider IT Partner Program, Sustainability School for partners and Sustainability Impact Awardscelebrating partners and suppliers who embrace sustainability. Schneider Electric also released aLifecycle CO2e TradeOff tool, the first of its kind for accurately estimating the total carbon footprint of data centers – including Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

“Schneider Electric has demonstrated leadership in the last year in supporting its partners to develop their sustainability strategies and support their customers in making progress towards meeting their sustainability objectives. A vendor’s position in the Canalys Sustainable Ecosystems Leadership Matrix is based on channel partner feedback, industry leadership in sustainability and Canalys analyst assessments.” commented Rachel Brindley, Senior Director, Channels, Canalys. “Champions have demonstrated the highest levels of excellence in driving the channel ecosystem forward in environmental sustainability specifically while progressing on their own corporate sustainability strategies.”

Building a sustainable channel

At Schneider Electric, we remain committed to ESG and to creating solutions that recognize the critical role partners have in decarbonizing not only their own operations but also help customers meet and exceed their own targets. By leveraging our expertise in corporate sustainability practices, energy management, automation, electrification, and digitalizationwe help partners to strategize and take proactive action via energy assessments, tools, and services; digitize and harness the power of data and predictive analytics to optimize efficiency and reduce costs; and decarbonize via digitalization and electrification.


For more information about Zeigo Activate or the Canalys ‘Sustainable Ecosystems Leadership Matrix’visit the website.