From climate change to challenging mass inequality, the time for action is now.

Climate Change and offsetting our carbon footprint

Today, climate change is a global issue in which we are all complicit. As businesses and consumers, our actions have had a devastating effect on the lives of people, oceans and natural ecosystems globally.

At Spa, we believe that the time for change is now and without immediate, collaborative action to restore biodiversity, natural resources and improve the world for the next generation, we face a grim future.

To take actionable steps as a sustainable business, we are fully committed to offsetting our carbon footprint through annual donations to MPS Malawi, a charity which not only plants trees, but builds fuel efficient stoves, runs HIV testing programmes, and sponsors orphaned children in the country.

Their work is already having a transformative, lasting impact on the social and environmental landscape, and we continue to support them in the hope that our donations will increase the scope and reach of their work.

Challenging mass inequality with Fairtrade

As a Fairtrade Workplace of World Changers, we are committed to challenging mass inequality by exclusively consuming Fairtrade produce in our offices. This includes products such as tea, coffee, chocolate and sugar.

Choosing Fairtrade means that disadvantaged communities are better equipped to build vital infrastructure, building new schools and water pumps to support future generations. Our founders have also been instrumental in the Tunbridge Wells Fairtrade Town Campaign, helping to raise awareness of the Foundation and establish Tunbridge Wells as a certified Fairtrade location.

Learn more about our work with MPS Malawi and Fairtrade


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