Sonic Edge Joins Forces with Iceotope to Launch New AI Pods

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Sonic Edge, a provider of modular data centres (MDCs), is partnering with Iceotope, the global leader in Precision Liquid Cooling, to launch the new Iceotope AI Pods.

Sonic Edge provides a range of Edge and HPC (High-Performance Computing)-ready MDCs that enable organisations to run their operations anywhere in the world. With the significant increase in the compute densities required for AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications, Sonic Edge recognised the opportunity to design and build containerised MDCs, or Pods, that are AI application-ready, incorporating advanced Precision Liquid Cooling technology from Iceotope.

The resulting Iceotope AI Pods are multi-tenant MDCs with a capacity of up to 450kW, a 12 x 4m footprint, and can be deployed either on-premise, or in remote locations. They are designed to include everything you would find in a standard data centre facility, such as UPS backup, fire suppression, and monitoring and evaluation.

Stuart Priest, Founder and CEO, Sonic Edge, explained: “There are many organisations, particularly startups, that can’t afford to wait for colocation space to become available for their operations. They are looking to get their own high-performance, AI-ready MDCs up and running fast. We’re excited about our collaboration with Iceotope because we can now provide cloud or edge providers with multi-tenant Pods that have Iceotope’s advanced Precision Liquid Cooling built in.”

David Craig, CEO, Iceotope, said: “We’re seeing an unprecedented surge in data generation and the evolving role of data centres as interactive AI powerhouses. To meet this demand – and with scalability, serviceability, and sustainability at the forefront of industry demands – our Precision Liquid Cooling is pivotal to providers such as Sonic Edge. We are delighted to be partnering with them to have our technology incorporated into fast and easy-to-deploy Pods to facilitate high-performance AI.”

Rapid implementation and cost-effectiveness are major benefits of the AI Pods, according to Stuart Priest. “To build and get a data centre up and running can take five or six years, whereas with an AI Pod it takes just 16 weeks from order to delivery. Everything needed to make it operational is there from day one, and we offer ‘tier three ready’ as standard. We also ensure that the Iceotope AI Pods adhere to all relevant industry compliance standards. The highest levels of security can also be incorporated, ranging from SR1 to SR8.”

Flexibility is at the heart of the Iceotope AI Pods. “Our Pods are meticulously designed to adapt seamlessly to customers’ growing requirements,” added Stuart Priest. “We believe in building a solution to fit the project, rather than trying to fit the project into the solution. With Iceotope AI Pods, you can literally ‘pay as you grow’.”

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