Web Developement

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Our clients within Schneider Electric wanted to create a web presence for a converged infrastructure product line that brought several brands together in a combined technology solution. Undertaking this activity through the client’s corporate website and brand guidelines, let alone those of partner organisations, required a balanced approach to ensure the marketing requirements of all stakeholders were successfully met.


Spa worked with the client to create a branded micro-site that ensured each branded component of the converged solution was equally exposed, as well as the marketing messages supporting them. Staying within the vendors guidelines, we were able to ensure that each product scenario was explained, but most importantly how our clients’ ‘wrap around’ brought additional value and utility to the solution to benefit customers.


The completed microsite provides the product solution with a focal point that explains how converged infrastructure can help in a range of customer applications. Client feedback has been very positive and the site currently acts as both an information point and landing page for customer enquiries, and is to feature in ongoing marketing activities.