Visual Identity



Schneider Electric’s Solution Centre in Potters Bar was developed to facilitate a unique customer experience. It provides a means to present a live display of the company’s products and solutions for data centres, and encourage customers to “kick the tyres”. The Centre has plenty of open wall space. The challenge was to find a creative way to utilize some of this space to educate and entertain customers, without resorting to brochure-ware.


Spa Communications was asked to find a visual approach which provided some context for the data centre infrastructure. We suggested tapping into the current zeitgeist and developed a large scale infographic based upon trends in Big Data – a major driver for data centre development.


Our treatment utilizes Schneider Electric design standards, fonts and icons, but has moved these on to take on the appearance of apps on a tablet screen. This provides a visually impacting, clean and aesthetically pleasing, branded infographic which engages customers through simple facts about the market they move in.