Marketing Communications

design / web / social


Our client is an Elite Partner of Schneider Electric and sought to create a marketing platform to promote a simpler approach to data centre infrastructure based around modular and prefabricated solutions. A campaign was sought to drive awareness, new business and a better understanding of how these new approaches can make customers’ infrastructure less complex and more flexible.


Spa worked with Comtec Power to create a marketing platform based on the concept of “Simplify”. This carried with it distinctive branding, together with a number of core communications platforms and messages to the market place. The multi media campaign included new web content, new graphics, new email marketing campaigns and new social media activities for each core theme.


Comtec has risen to become a top 3 Schneider Elite partner in the UK. Its data centre infrastructure business is a significant and increasing proportion of the Group’s revenues. Additionally Comtec has increased its visibility and engagement with key suppliers and their customers.