Brand Experience

brand / video


Achieving cut through at a busy trade show can be difficult at the best of times. The Technology Park at DatacenterDynamics 2013 provided a showcase for prefabricated and standardized, containerized solutions – other than the logo, a passing visitor would be hard put to tell one company’s product from another.


Working together with the customer and stand designers, Engage, Spa helped put together content for 3-dimensional presentations displayed on iPads. These informational videos gave customers an interactive opportunity to explore the full breadth of Schneider Electric’s offering in a clean, uncluttered and well branded environment, fully differentiated from other stands in the area. The agency worked with the show organisers and social media to create ongoing traffic to the stand.


The use of tablet computers proved popular with stand visitors and helped to sustain interest throughout the show. It also reduced the amount of corporate noise on the stand by putting the messaging into the hands of visitors, creating a clear space around the Schneider Electric name. Nearly 200 delegates took the interactive tour, with a new business pipeline of over $13.5m identified during the show.