More proof that the world has changed from YouTube to blogging….

Over the last couple of weeks my attention has been drawn to a couple of online articles that are particularly illustrative of the new marketing and media world in which we’re living.

One link posted via Twitter by Dan Scarbrough, Chairman of DatacenterDynamics, provided a list of the top 25 earning YouTube channels. Now, you may still think that YouTube is no more than a trivial destination to waste a few minutes or watch a video of someone face-planting, but that would be to underestimate its true worth.

Here’s the link to the 25 Highest Earning Youtube Stars on

These days YouTube generates enormous sums of cash and there are many channels making significant amounts of money by creating and placing content. Some view counts are staggering, in fact the list provided includes a number of channels with over 1 billion views per year (or roughly 3 million views per day).

Depending on how you work it out, those sorts of numbers could translate to an income of $20,000 per day, just from putting videos on YouTube! But the link also suggests that there are also YouTube channels making multimillion dollar incomes purely from YouTube views, and excluding any other commercial partnerships, sponsorships or merchandising deals.

It’s not just Youtube, though. You might think you know about blogging, but would you be shocked (like me) to see the story of a fashion blogger making $8m per year? Well, here’s the story that caught my eye on Fast Company: and provides the image for this post.

Anybody can start a blog and many of us have tried. But very few people manage to either build and sustain page traffic, or work out how to monetise their efforts at anything like the level of this example. Again exactly how much money being made here isn’t that important, the real point is that 10 years ago this kind of opportunity simply didn’t exist (and in 10 years’ time, they might have been replaced by something else).

Now whether or not you believe the view counts or the implied earnings is neither here nor there, we think the point is that these new forms of media are fundamentally and provenly reshaping the media landscape. These are platforms and opportunities we have to market to and engage with, and to build communities of interest for personal and commercial brands.

Right now, if you’re not thinking about how tools like YouTube, blogs, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media platform can help you reach your goals, then you should be. In fact we think you should be doing more than just thinking about it. And if you’d value someone to kick ideas around with, please do reach out, it would be our pleasure to talk them through with you.

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Trying to shed light on technical buying decisions

True story: I’ve been trying to buy a light bulb. Seriously.

It seems to me that when an older generation (let’s say, my father) bought light bulbs there was only one decision to make, screw-fit or bayonet. Then a trip to the local hardware store for a bit of a friendly chat about which brand to buy, usually based upon the ironmonger’s personal preferences, the perceptions of other customers and what was on the shelf.

But the world has turned. The world of light bulbs in particular appears to have turned into a nightmare of choice. Even though I think I know exactly which technology I want – halogen; type – candle, bent tip; fit – B22 cap; rating – 28W, I still have a sneaking suspicion I’m missing something – perhaps some vital detail.

And then there’s my compulsion to comparison shop on the internet. It’s part of the game to find a good price, check availability and delivery. See if anyone has rated potential suppliers on their service – can they be trusted(reviewers or vendors)?

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